Happy Friday 7/19/19

Happy Friday! How was your week? We spent most of our’s working on the kitchen (I’ll get another update out soon!) and getting packed up for a road trip. Eeek! We can’t wait to take the new camp trailer out on the road. The trailer’s kitchen is stocked, our swim suits are at the ready, and we have more books, games, and s’more fixings than we can possible use. It’s going to be fun!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Master Travel Bag 3.jpg

Our Farmhouse master bedroom / bag (similar), other sources here

Sarah and Emmett are such a talented DIY duo. And their recent kitchen reveal is dark and moody and absolutely stunning. (Room for Tuesday)

The great sunscreen fallacy: Lack of sun exposure may be killing us. This definitely does NOT mean I’m going to skip the sunscreen, but maybe I’ll let us get a few minutes of sun first. (Treehugger)

Minimalism at 70. We may only be half that age (okay, a litttttle over half), but there’s so much to learn from this story. (Becoming Minimalist)

I recently listened to this book and the audio version is AMAZING! Then I had to watch the movie again and I’m still thinking about all those old houses and wallpaper. (Amazon)

I have a confession. I love laugh lines. The deep kind that come from big smiles over a lifetime. They just look so…deserved. You know?! I tried the new Face App (the one that’s been going around the internet) on a picture of myself with the ‘old’ filter and I loved all the wrinkles that were staring back at me! (Face App)

The crazy, wild story behind Dave’s Killer Bread. (How I Built This)

First on our road-trip agenda: meeting up with Shannon King! She’s one of my absolute favorite ‘old-house people’ and we’ve been internet friends since @ChrisLovesJulia’s brought us together in her ’15 Instagram accounts under 10,000 followers’ post a couple years ago. Shannon’s family is taking a gap year in Montana, which I find incredibly inspiring. (@fahnestockhouse)

Did you catch our garden patio DIY video? Building a patio and laying pavers is definitely a do-able DIY and we show you how we built our’s. (YouTube) 

Have a great weekend!

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