Happy Friday 9/13/19

Happy Friday! How was your week? Are you getting into the swing of the Fall schedule? Our kitchen/laundry-room/pantry renovation has crossed into the ‘dragging on’ phase, so let’s not talk about it. Instead, let’s look at other people’s charming homes and read some good reads. Here’s what I loved from the week…

Emily Billings Cottage Exterior.jpg
Emily Billings Kitchen to Master.jpg

Emily Billing’s Maine cottage

Emily Billing’s cottage on Vinalhaven Island, Maine is the stuff of dreams! Excited to see more of this charming cottage…and what she decides to do with the kitchen. (emily-billings.com)

Why are American homes so big? Kate Wagner (the author of this gem of an article) is quoted in there talking about big McMansion houses: “It’s a really expensive way to live…not only in having to travel to the city, having to travel to work, [but] having to travel 15 minutes to get a gallon of milk—all so you can have a really big house.” I feel the truth in that. (atlantic)

7 Proven ways to break your cell phone habit. Gulp, this is depressing: “The typical cell phone user touches his/her phone 2,617 times every day. 2,617!” (becoming minimalist)

A book-filled Manhattan apartment where everything tells a story. There’s something so comforting about books! (cupofjo)

I’ve been looking for leggings that can double as workout wear and my friend recommend this $24 pair. So far I love them! (We’re cool with wearing leggings all day, right?!) (amazon)

What an amazing family story! It has Kevin Costner movie written all over it. The article is a couple years old, but my sister sent it to me after we watched the Wright brothers at our local rodeo this past Labor Day. (nytimes)

How to make a thousand bucks an hour. Complacency is expensive…a great reminder to optimize loans and insurance. (mrmoneymustache)

We have more apples than we know what to do with at the moment, so I made this galette recipe (technically she called it a French tart). It was delicious! And I froze 4 of them for later this fall…errr next week. (onceuponachef)

Have a great weekend!


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