Happy Friday 9/27/19

Happy Friday! And welcome to the official start of Fall! Goodness, doesn’t the Pacific Northwest just know how to do Fall?! It’s a season that I wouldn’t trade for all the sunny beaches in the world (winter on the other hand…). I’m looking forward to crisp mornings, leaf piles, and the warm afternoon sun that pours into our windows. Can’t wait!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Master Bedroom in Fall CROP.jpg

Our Farmhouse master bedroom from Fall 2018, sources here

psst: our brass sconces are on major sale today (and our new kitchen sconces) plus our striped linen-cotton duvet is too. Check out Rejuvenation’s full sale here (they’re my favorite for hand-made and classic home goods!).

More from the week…

The new spiritual consumerism. So much to think about in this article, like: “Americans may not have what they need, but at least they can get what they want, even if it’s on credit.” (nytimes)

12 Questions to ask your significant other. This was really fun! Garrett and my first date was 19 years ago, but here was his response to #2: “I remember holding hands in the crowd and Sir Mix-a-Lot. Then we went by 7-Eleven and got a slurpy.” Yup, we really knew how to do romance! 🤪 (cupofjo)

An unbelievable old house for under $50k. Who’s ready to move?! (@cheapoldhouses)

5 Health benefits to sleeping naked. Good to know… (shape)

I love living in the Northwest, but I really can’t stand being cold. My solution: invest in warm outerwear. I just ordered this vest (on sale!), which has plenty of recycled down to keep me cozy for years to come! (backcountry)

Weeknight dinner from around the world. So interesting! (nytimes)

Two Instagram homes that stopped me mid-scroll: This beautiful wood and brass bathroom. And this newly-built house that was designed to look old. (instagram)

Don’t forget to enter Milgard’s giveaway from yesterday’s post! It’s takes about a minute to enter and could buy you a dinner out! Or movie tickets. Or a can of paint. Or…

Have a great weekend!